Brand identity, Websites & Print

The key to what we do is creating and developing brand identities for businesses. We give you a unique and memorable visual style that enables you to stand out from your competitors and communicates your story and values. This brand identity is translated into logos, fonts, colours, illustration styles, which all feed into your printed material, packaging, websites, social media and environment / signage.

Graphic Design Services

Logo Design
We help you define your brand values & story, look at where your brand is, or should be, positioned in relationship to your competitors, look at styles and directions through reference images, work with your business name / initials / a bespoke icon to create a unique logo set that communicates your business clearly and effectively across all media.

Brand Implementation
Your brand needs to be applied consistently across your whole business - this may include business cards, letterheads, marketing material, website, social media, packaging, branded merchandise, uniforms, vehicle livery, signage and interior design. We help ensure you look good at every point of contact.

Brand Guidelines
We can provide a document that specifies how to use your logo to ensure it still looks good and works properly after we have handed it over to you. This document would typically include use of the logo (colour /background options, sizing, space around), colour palette, heirachy of fonts/styles, illustration and photography styles, tone of voice, supporting graphic elements. This can be a quick reference guide or full-scale brand guidelines.

Marketing collateral
Flyers, leaflets, postcards, posters, banners, adverts (print & online), invitations, menus. Together, we get your message across to the people you want to connect with.

Communications & Sales Tools
Documents, brochures, catalogues, programmes, lookbooks, brand books, reports. We deliver accurate, on-brand material that communicates effectively to your target readership.

We have many years experience in sourcing printed products and have developed a number of long term relationships with suppliers. As a result, we can confidently source any type of printing you may need, or can happily work with your preferred supplier.

Product packaging
Labels, tags, boxes, bags. We work with you to develop a look, feel and message that is right for you and your product and gets the attention of your customers, ensuring text is legible at the size it needs to be, and that the design works on the specific material chosen in the environment in which it will be displayed.

Media packaging
We can design your CD or DVD cover design, jewelcase or digipack design, booklet, pull-outs, onbody disc designs - we use a strong cover image and create an integrated design for the whole piece of media packaging.

Branded Environment
Since we also offer interior design, we can design your shopfront signage, illuminated/non-illuminated signage, wayfinding, 3D logos on interior walls/furniture, wall vinyls, branded external furniture (e.g. parasols/canopies). We can provide 2D drawings & 3D visualisations, obtain Advertisement Consent, work closely with manufacturers and attend site meetings.

Design and build of your website with built-in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We plan your website functionality & content with you, create a bespoke on-brand design and deliver a fluent functioning website. Find out more.


“We will make your brand identity stand out, tell your story and make you look good across all touchpoints - print, digital and environmental.”

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